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Leading The Fast-Track Rollout Of Miners

With our proven rinse & repeat model, we're able to get 30 Petahash of power online each month. That is equivalent to 300 Antminers on a monthly basis with the ability to mine 20 BTC per month.

We currently operate two facilities today totaling 2 MW worth of power. By the end of 2021, we expect to be live with 5 MW across 4 facilities.Our mission is simple- Get hash power on the network as quick and safely as possible enabling us to store generational assets.

See our stats below:

  • $5 million capital invested to date
  • 400 ASIC miners procured.
  • Expansion to 10 facilities by end of Q1 2022 with additional $13 million of capital


Sites 1

Stafford, TX

Mining ~9 ETH per month

Sites 2

Webster, TX

Mining ~8 BTC per month

Estimated Launch: Nov 16th, 2021

Sites 3

Stafford, TX

Mining ~8 BTC per month

Estimated Launch: Nov 30th, 2021

Sites 4

Location: Stafford, TX

Total Raise: $1.8 million

Round Closing Date: 11/15/21

Minimum Investment: $25k

ROI Payback*: ~18 months

For more information on site 4

please email us at or call at (281) 826-4418.

*ROI is dependent on the price of Bitcoin


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Sharez Prasla

Rahil Momin

AJ Momin

Shohaib Ali

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